Goodnight, Sweetheart
By Nadine St. Denis
Apr 1, 2005 - 8:33:00 AM

Sweetheart, Indiana where everyone is your friend, is the town's famous motto, but is it really true? Sydney St. John grew up in Sweetheart with her beloved aunt and for the most part, her life was normal, except for the fact that she has the Bagley Curse. According to her Aunt Minerva, it was a blessing, but the too tall, nerdy, carrot top Sydney (even though she was super bright) failed to see it. It was especially hard to see her curse as anything but a curse, when the other kids in her school called her such hateful names. No, not everyone in Sweetheart had been her friend. Eric Law, had been the wildest and most exciting boy in town, who for the most part never even acknowledge her existence, and after she experienced the most embarrassing night of her young life, she prayed that from that day on, he never would. After all these years, guess who she is about to run into?

When Eric Law looks back on his childhood and wasted teenage years, he can't help but grimace. Thank God, he got his act together before it was too late. Now a highly successful attorney, in one of the most prestigious law firms in Boston, he no longer resembles that reckless young hooligan of his youth. Except for his dark and dangerous looks, which manages to turn heads in every courtroom. Being back in Sweetheart is bittersweet; he is honored to be the best man at his brother's wedding, even though he personally hates weddings. And he knows that he needs the kind of R & R that only your hometown can provide. Yes, the next few weeks might be just what he needs.


Sydney is back and isn't the whole town talking about that! Not to mention, that she quite innocently showed up with Eric Law. Tongues are wagging and the gossip mill can't get enough. On top of fending off the good-hearted citizens of Sweetheart, Sydney finds herself being the recipient of vandalism and nasty notes. Is it just a teenage prank or something more? Also, it would appear that she is not the only one keeping secrets. Will Sydney and all those involved end up getting more than they bargained for?


GOODNIGHT, SWEETHEART by delightfully, funny and talented Suzanne Simmons is absolutely delicious! I cannot resist a novel that provides humor, sizzling passion and a page-turning plot, and this one provides all that in abundance! Everyone needs to meet the colorful citizens of Sweetheart, and I guarantee they will stay with you long after you read the last page. I am delighted to give this novel a 5 ribbon rating!

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