Got A Hold On You
By Teresa Henson
Dec 19, 2003 - 1:54:00 PM

Francine "Frankie" McGee would do anything to help her Uncle Joe save his business, after all, he had always been there for her while growing up, unlike her own father. She was an accountant; she only expected to help with the books, NOT dress in some skimpy little outfit, wearing a mask, and high heels she didn’t know how to walk in! Much less to wear that outfit in public—in a wrestling arena!

Black Jack Hudson is the star of WHAK, and has the championship belt to prove it. His contract is nearly up, and he can hardly wait to retire from the wrestling world to his cabin in the mountains. The last thing he wanted was a new female partner, not even one that looked as delectable as Tatianna does.



The introductory show of Black Jack and "Tatianna the Tigress" was disastrous to say the least. She fought him every inch of the way to the ring, until he had to tie her down for his own safety. Hah! Like that did a lot of good! Tatianna and Black Jack just knew their appearance together was a disaster—the only problem was the audience loved them! Unfortunately, so did Joe Sullivan and the sponsors.


Roped into extending his contract, Black Jack and a reluctant Tatianna agree to more appearances. They didn’t agree to being roped into love—is that a perk of the job, or what?


Will Black Jack and Tatianna ever be able to survive each other long enough to find out?


As I was reading GOT A HOLD ON YOU, I had to laugh and laugh, then laugh some more! This book is hilarious, but yet has some serious issues involved that the characters have to deal with—and deal with them they do! Although not always in the way you might think they will! Ms. White has penned an extremely delightful story with this book, and I am very much looking forward to reading more of her books. This one is a distinct pleasure to add to my collection!

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