Gotta Have It
By Belle Rouge
Sep 4, 2006 - 6:57:00 PM

Abby Archer just got dumped . . . at the altar . . . for an exotic dancer. Her best friend, Tess, has the perfect solution for Abby’s lousy day, a week of total pampering at the Tranquility Spa in Sedona. What Tess doesn’t tell Abby is that her high school crush, Durango Creed works as a tour guide there. After all, what better way to get over a suit wearing jerk than with a tight jean wearing hottie. Can Abby let herself go enough to live out her sexual fantasies with the one man she has always dreamed about? Or will she lose her heart and her reputation.

Durango has just been drifting along in life. Nothing stirs his interest or his passion until he sees Abby again. She was the one that got away, the teen angel he longed for. Now here she is begging him to teach her how to release her inner wild child. Can Durango convince her that he is interested in the good girl as well as the sex kitten? That what he is looking for is more then just a fling?

Lori Wilde grabs readers’ attention with GOTTA HAVE IT. The sensual escapades of Abby and Durango expose readers to life, love, and the beautiful red rock formations that can be found in the mesas of Sedona, Arizona. The author’s love for the majestic setting shines through and makes you long to see it for yourself. Ms Wilde breathes such life into the scenery that it actually takes on a personality of it’s own and joins the cast of secondary characters in this tale.

Abby is a character that any woman can relate to. She is likable and determined, but scared to show her true self to others. Durango is a man that will leave readers drooling. He is one hot sexy hunk. Together these two produce enough heat to rival the desert in summer.

If you are in the mood for a little sensual adventure, check out GOTTA HAVE IT. You won’t be disappointed.

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