Grace Under Pressure
By Ansley
Nov 10, 2006 - 11:24:00 PM

Grace is not having the easiest of times lately, needless to say, she is a little under pressure. Her ex-fiance is in town, and is harassing her day and night, and refuses to take the hint that she wants nothing to do with him. Her brother is in town to protect her from her ex, and is shadowing her, while pretending that he doesn't have feelings for her best friend, Julia. The new police chief, Ren Morello, is too sexy for words and she thinks, too sexy for her! Finally, to top off all of her problems, her house is broken into. Ren has come to her rescue several times in his brief time in Cannon. Can he solve the problem of her break in, and save her from her idiotic ex-fiance? Oh well, even if he can't, maybe he will be available for a little mindless sex. All she has to do is proposition him, and that she does. Does Ren accept her proposal? Or does Grace just not work well under pressure?

Grace isn't Ren's type at all, or at least what he thought was his type.


He has always preferred more athletic females, not curvy Marilyn Monroe bodies and fiery red curls. Yet Grace gets under his skin before he can think better of it. He finds himself endlessly rescuing her from her numbskull ex-fiance, and then protecting her when her house is vandalized. He still tries to conduct himself in a manner appropriate though, because he knows that Grace isn't the kind of girl to go for casual sex. Then she goes and does a crazy thing like proposition him for just the type of mindless sex that he thinks she isn't the type for! What is he supposed to do now?

GRACE UNDER PRESSURE is an amusing novel that will keep you smiling throughout. Ms. Schroeder does a fabulous job of creating characters that are humorous, quirky, and appealing. Grace is a realistic female, in every way, including her curvy figure. It was nice to read a novel where the male finds a voluptuous female attractive and is drawn to her pin-up girl figure. Ren is sexy and attractive in his protective, save the day demeanor. I thoroughly enjoyed reading their madcap adventures into romance, sex, and love.

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