Graceful Submission
By Zoe Knighton
Mar 13, 2007 - 10:30:00 PM

Grace Kinison is a high school English teacher with aspirations to be a writer. Her calm, but dull, life revolves around grading papers, avoiding a sleazy co-worker and trying to work on her novel. When she agrees to help plan her childhood friend's surprise party, her life becomes anything but dull.

In order to surprise and embarrass Grace's childhood friend on her birthday, she starts chatting online with Toffer Shelley to plan their mutual friend’s party. Grace and Toffer hit it off right away and soon their talk becomes more seductive. He reveals that he is a Dom and wishes for Grace to explore her submissive nature with him. She decides to take a chance and becomes his online Sub, until they meet where they decide to explore for real.

What she doesn't know is he is really Drake Dawson, the sexy star of the show her friends write for. Assuming he is a fellow writer, she looks forward to meeting him in person. Unaware that her life is about to become more complicated than she ever could have predicted.

Toffer Shelley has longed for a woman, who can excite his passions, be bold and strong enough to enjoy the full effects of his passion. He is immediately smitten with the captivating Grace. He finally has the chance to claim a woman who can see past his good looks and into the man within.

GRACEFUL SUBMISSION was a joy to read. The chemistry between Grace and Toffer ignite and is smoldering with their combined passion. Melinda Barron captured the characters elegantly and brought them to life. GRACEFUL SUBMISSION was sweet, tender and playful.

Fans of BDSM stories will be proud of Melinda Barron. Not only is this a romantic and sizzling-hot romance between two loving souls, it also dispels some of the myths that BDSM is dark and violent. GRACEFUL SUBMISSION was full of light and love. It did not demean the female character or take away her power, but instead brought out the inner strength she never knew she ever had.

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