Graduation Day
By Dee Herga
Jul 23, 2004 - 8:17:00 PM

Lily Palmer has always had a crush on her professor Greg. Actually what she feels is more than a crush. She fantasizes about him all the time and even masturbates secretly in his class! She has imagined touching him and him touching her so many times. Yet she cannot seem to do anything about this attraction. On her graduation day, she is determined to have him and fulfill all her fantasies. Can she dare to, when she has no idea how he feels about her?

Greg Nordstrom has been noticing the prim little blonde since she had joined his class. He has also noticed that she masturbates in his class and it has been hell on his control. He always seems to be turned on because of her. But Lily is no bimbo. In addition to being sassy, she is also smart as a whip, well read and intelligent. Even though Greg wants her desperately, he cannot dare touch her and risk his job. So he is patiently waiting till her graduation day. He already has so many plans for her. But are they momentary or for a lifetime?

GRADUATION DAY is equal to a red-hot furnace. The fantasies are so hot that they will make you feel deprived and start to crave. This short read is sure to burn your clothes up. Even though masturbating in class is an idea that's almost impossible in real life, Caitlin describes it so good that you feel as if you have missed something by not doing it! Each of the scenes are sure to bring a tinge of red on your cheeks and send a shiver down your spine! Some people might find a little difficult to digest a bit of BDSM that pops up here and there, but all in all, a burning fantasy!

Graduation Day definitely will make you think about the professor you had a crush on!

This title is also available in the print book - CAITLYN'S KISSES.

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