Great-Aunt Sophia’s Lessons for Bombshells
By Sarah W
Jun 11, 2012 - 8:00:00 AM

Grace Cavanaugh is moving in with her Great-Aunt Sophia for the summer to take care of her. Grace hopes it will give her plenty of time to work on her dissertation but Sophia has other plans in store for Grace. Sophia wants to make Grace into a woman of sexual freedom, of beauty and impeccable taste. She knows Grace can be so much more than the frumpy woman she currently presents herself as but Grace is not so sure.

Grace is not a bombshell but Sophia sees the potential in her. Will Grace open herself up to the possibility that she can be so much more than she ever expected? She has always seen herself in only one way but perhaps, with the guidance of Sophia, and the lust of two very different men, Grace will embrace her inner bombshell and show the world that she is so much more than inner beauty.

Grace is a woman who has always accepted that she is rather plain. She is not the stuff of a man’s sexual fantasies but Sophia sees so much more in her and it really opens Grace up to new experiences. Grace is actually a great character; I just wished she had seen herself in that light from the very beginning. She is smart and ambitious but she is determined to see her beauty as only a negative quality rather than adding something positive to her personality. Fortunately, there is one man in particular who is willing to show Grace that she is truly something special! Grace reminded me of the buxom and beautiful starlets of the 1950s. As her confidence grew, that impression became stronger. GREAT-AUNT SOPHIA’S LESSONS FOR BOMBSHELLS is not necessarily a traditional romance but there are definitely some great romantic elements in it. Rather, this is a story of Grace’s decision to embrace every part of her life and personality, becoming beautiful inside and out.

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