Great Love

Author: Rida Allen

Publisher: America House Book Publishers

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Samantha Velmar is a woman content, if not totally happy, with her life.  She's talked herself into believing that for a full-figured woman like herself, a good job, a nice home, and the love of a wonderful dog named Molly is all that she needs.  Sure, in the back of her mind she still might dream of the love of a good man, might fantasize once in awhile about those nights of passion that everyone seems to talk about.  She knows, though, that for a woman like her, and here she always inserts the words "heavy", "big-boned", or downright "fat", those dreams are just that... dreams.

Jonathan Edwards doesn't need a woman to make him happy.  He's immersed himself in the business that his father created, and is quite content to concentrate on making it bigger and better.  Women, in his opinion, are always more work than they're worth.  So when his father dies, leaving him with the stipulation that to own the company he's spent his life working for he has to be married before his just-around-the-corner thirtieth birthday, it's safe to say that he's royally ticked.  He's young, he's handsome, he's got a great business...why in the world does he need a woman, not to mention the child that his father's will also says has to come within a year of marriage?
Ms. Allen has done a great job with this book, on more than one front.  Society today can still be cruel, can still hurt with an errant remark to someone who doesn't fit the mold of society.  For a full-figured woman in a world dominated by stick-thin celebrities, it's hard to always face yourself in a mirror, not to mention face a man who radiates sex-appeal with just a look in his eyes, or the shake of his head.
Samantha and Jonathan will amuse you, irritate you, and, at times, make you want to smack them for being so small-minded and self-absorbed.  They learn, though, just like the reader, that appearances aren't everything, but then neither is a "content" life.  What's life without love, even if you go about it in the worst of ways? 
This book proves that even though you may have the best intentions at heart, people sometimes get hurt.  Feelings get bruised, egos tweaked, relationships strained.  But Sam and Jonathan will also prove to you that love has no boundaries, no growth chart, no one-size-fits-all mentality.  Love comes in all shapes, all sizes; and where there's respect and passion, the size of your heart will always win out over the size of your clothes.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jennifer Wardrip

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