Green Calder Grass
By Gloria Trout
Jul 25, 2003 - 12:49:00 PM

The Calder Ranch, owned by Chase Calder spreads over 600 square miles. Unfortunately, one of the finest areas with plentiful grazing grass and a good water supply is claimed by the government. Chase knows there is a coal in that area and the mining companies would like to own that section of the ranch, but since the Calder land surrounds it, there is no over-land access to it. So it is a surprise to all when they find out that Ty’s ex-wife, Tara, has managed to buy the rights to the land.

Why does Tara want this land and why did she hire an ex-convict and sworn enemy of the Calder family to work for her? Tara claims she has had a change of heart and still loves Ty and just wants to be near him, even though she knows that the Calder honor would never allow him to leave his wife and children. But somewhere, hidden enemies, greedy for the rich Montana land are willing to shed blood to get it.

After a mysterious accident involving Ty and Jesse, the suspicions grow that there is danger afoot. Building to a breath-taking ending, the events happen rapidly. At this stage Jesse needs all the courage and strength she can muster to go forward with her life.

The Calder Family is a wonderful series and one grows to respect and love the Calder Family. They epitomize good, solid American values. Janet Dailey draws the reader into the family and makes you wish you were part of them.

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