Halos and Horns, book 1 - Green Eyed Temptation
By Dottie
Nov 20, 2012 - 9:03:24 AM

Five years ago, Liam, former Navy Seal turned bodyguard, lost everything when his wife of two years, who was eight months pregnant, died from a house fire started by Christmas tree lights. A police officer, Liam had been at work at the time of the fire. He had been devastated and it took quite a while before he started dating again. The closest he had come to falling for anyone was a year ago after meeting Angelique. But just as things were beginning to get serious, he had left town. Being with her had made him feel like an adulterer. However, over the past year, he has worked out his issues. So saying goodbye once and for all to his deceased wife, he heads back to try to get Angelique to forgive him and give him a second chance.

After having her heart broken when Liam walked out on her after she had fallen in love with him, Angelique Baptiste, a gorgeous Creole woman, decided to gain control of some of the issues she has in her life. So for the past year, she has been celibate, refusing to have anything to do with men, except friendship. She has found happiness with her friends, her career and the man in her life, Mike. But although she loves him, she knows she must learn to love herself before she will be able to have a lasting relationship. Now to add another problem into the mix, Liam is back and asking for a second chance. Her love for him has never died, but she also loves Mike and, for the time being, she is trying to maintain a friendly relationship with both.

For Lafayette Police Department Detective Mike Harper, Angelique is the only woman he can imagine being with. He wants nothing more than to propose to her, but he knows she is working out some problems and is willing to stand by her. He is aware of her past with Liam. The two men had been in college together and Mike knows that Liam is a good man. Still he hopes that when Angelique finally makes her decision, he will be the one to win her hand.

But now that Liam is back, she is keeping both men at arm’s length, treating them as friends. She is torn by her love for the two men, but when danger strikes, she just may have to decide which one will be her friend and which one will be her future.

An absolutely delicious read, GREEN EYED TEMPTATION, the first book in Amazon bestselling author Lori Leger’s HALOS AND HORNS series, is an enticing, emotion-packed contemporary romance. This story also contains a gripping subplot of a young mother of twin girls, Sarah, who is trying to escape her abusive husband, even as she recovers from his latest abuse. To read more of her story, do not miss Ms. Leger’s upcoming novel, SARAH SMILE, the second book in her HALOS AND HORNS series, due out in the winter of 2012. As GREEN EYED TEMPTATION progresses, you can begin to see some of the characters evolving and the potential for relationships between other couples. I look forward to reading their stories. With engaging characters, witty repartee, sexual tension, trauma, abuse, healing, an absorbing plot, romance and love, this beautifully written story is a keeper! This is a spin-off of Ms. Leger’s popular LA FLEUR DE LOVE series and fans of the series will be able to revisit some of the characters from her previous books as well as being introduced to new characters. I have found that once you start reading one of Ms. Leger’s books, it is nearly impossible to put it down until you reach the end. I recommend GREEN EYED TEMPTATION very highly. Do not miss it!

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