Greetings from Somewhere Else
By Pamela Denise
Nov 15, 2009 - 12:12:25 AM

Ambitious workaholic Lainey Byrne is one of Complete Events Management’s best event planners, known for her organizational skills and take charge attitude.  Her life is a bit hectic; with the lack of one-on-one time with her hunky chef boyfriend, Adam, due to a conflict of schedules and her jumping in to solve her family’s dilemmas. Despite things, Lainey has a comfortable relationship with Adam and shares a closely knit bond with her family. Amid the chaos, she has her own methodical way of making sense of it all. Then her carefully organized plans get turned upside down.

Lainey receives a phone call from her mother asking her to come over for a family meeting to discuss something that’s come up. It seems her Aunt May has died and left her Bed and Breakfast in Ireland to them. This is welcome news as her parents can sell it and use the funds to pay off the medical bills they have been struggling with since her father’s industrial accident. The problem is that a new stipulation was added into the will stating that one of the family members must come to run the B&B for one year. It is decided rather quickly that Lainey is the logical one in the Byrne brood to take on the challenge. She quickly forms what she believes to be a well-founded plan of action in regards to her career and her relationship with her boyfriend. Lainey thinks the most sensible thing to do is to break things off with Adam during their year apart. However, this idea doesn’t go over smoothly with him, as his solution was to solidify their commitment and move in together on her return.



A confused and upset Lainey embarks on her new adventures in Ireland. When she arrives things are not quite what she expected. Lainey will have to transform the run down B&B and entice lodgers to stay when no one has apparently been booking in some time. Although a genius at marketing, Lainey isn’t exactly the domesticated type and can’t cook to save her life, so she hits a few snags along the way. Thankfully, she does receive the support of friends Eva and Joseph, a sexy schoolmate she hasn’t seen in years, as well as help in a few other unexpected places. Things take a surprising turn when her old schoolmate starts starring in some rather interesting fantasies, though she can’t put the memories of Adam behind her. Lainey soon learns that everything doesn’t always fit into predetermined packages and sometimes you have to let others take control for a change.  



GREETINGS FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE is a warm light-hearted read dealing with the ups and downs of a career oriented woman.  Set in Australia and near the historical plains of Tara in the Irish countryside, Monica McInerney does such a remarkable job describing the various surroundings and makes Ireland blossom to life. The contrast of the two locations seem to symbolize the actual changes that take place in the lead character’s personality, moving from fast paced to being able to slow down a bit in life. Lainey learns a few valuable life lessons and makes some important discoveries about love in the end. I appreciated the realistic bond that her family shares and quite enjoyed the antics of her two younger brothers. I must say though, I think my favorite character was her laidback boyfriend Adam. Ms. McInerney presents an original storyline with a few twists that keep things exciting along the way. It is a fun romantic tale with a dose of humor added in that is ideal for relaxing in the sunshine with.

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