Gridiron Lovers, Book 1 – Naked Bootleg

Author: Ann Jacobs

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: October 7, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: E-book

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In the last thirty years, three quarterbacks from the tiny high school in the west Texas town of Hedgecock have been signed to play for the NFL. Bobby Anthony joins their ranks as the fourth. He holds his signing bonus check in his hands. It has an unbelievable number of zeros on it!

Marly Ragusa is a Memphis girl who’s been a Maulers fan all her life and now she’s one of their cheerleaders. Unlike some of the other girls on the team, she doesn’t set her sights on scoring with as many of the players as the other girls do. Her heart’s been broken before and she’s definitely not interested in traveling back down that path.


When Bobby and Marly meet for the first time, the chemistry between them is too strong to ignore. But Bobby’s a new player and he needs to spend more time with the team, learning the ropes and the plays in their monster playbook. Marly knows the rules and the score and becomes his friend.


Little by little they get to know one another better. When the current quarterback is injured during a game, Bobby is sent in to replace him. Marly’s thrilled and they make a pact to go out to dinner and celebrate.


We all know about ‘best intentions’ and how they’re not always followed. In this instant, I’m glad they weren’t followed. Ann Jacobs can write a story that will tug at your heart. In NAKED BOOTLEG, she comes close to outdoing herself.


As with most romances, there are some rough spots in their relationship, some old memories that intrude and scare Marly. And then there’s the possibility of Bobby being traded to another team. Will this relationship be able to survive? You have to read this story.


Whether or not you’re a football fan, you’ll love this story. The gentleness with which Bobby treats Marly makes you want to grab him and hug him. I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of the stories in Ann’s GRIDIRON SERIES. And she’s done the most wonderful thing for her readers who may or may not be familiar with football lingo. There are notes and a list of football terms so you should never be lost.


For Ann Jacobs fans, this is a must read. For those who aren’t familiar with her work, it’s a fantastic place to begin. I highly recommend NAKED BOOTLEG. I definitely look forward to the others in this series, FORWARD PASS, HOT IN THE CLUTCH and COACH ME. And there’s the Naughty Nooner from Ellora’s Cave titled HOT FOR THE REUNION. It kicks off the series and it’s free! It’s a hot one, go check it out.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nickie Langdon

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