Grits Friends are Forevah

Author: Deborah Ford

Publisher: Plume

Release Date: December 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: PRINT

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Author Deborah Ford first brought the phrase ‘GRITS’ (Girls Raised In The South) into our vocabulary with her inspirational book THE GRITS GUIDE TO LIFE.  Now she has penned another uplifting title celebrating the innate and timeless grace that is the southern lady.  In this book, she focuses on the friendships central to GRITS women.

The chapters contain both tips for building and maintaining friendships, and stories of family and friends shared by southern women.  These stories illustrate the significance of female friendship in our lives.  Whether your ‘friend’ is your mother, sister, new roommate, or an ‘instant grits’ - a friend from your playground days -  Ford has words of wisdom to nourish the relationship. 


Central among these ideas are the golden rule of ‘do unto others’, forgiveness, compassion, and to always lend a helping hand.  She invites readers to share the warmth and laughter women find when they get together, be it one on one, a club meeting, or girls’ night out.  Ford recognizes the importance of having or being the friend that can be counted on when life is good, bad, or somewhere in between.


Through it all Ford emphasizes gracious manners and behavior of the ‘never let them see you sweat’ variety, topped with a beautiful smile.  A lady is always such, even when having fun (yes, you can catch a greased pig and later be crowned Homecoming queen - all in the same day).  True GRITS are characterized by the inner strength inherent to women, and will use it to pull their girlfriends or family through a difficult situation.


In our fast paced society where our free time is both limited and precious, Ford has given a plethora of ideas for properly maintaining a friendship and letting your GRITS sister know just how special she is to you.  The life lessons are easily extended to include anyone you care for, and if taken to heart, can give you a blueprint for successful lifelong relationships.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Leigh

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