Growing Attraction
By Teresa Henson
Jun 12, 2003 - 11:19:00 AM

Anna MacFrail is an outcast in Havenville. Besides being an interloper there, she had the temerity to cause harm to one of the local families. To make matters even worse, she was an organic farmer, not a popular choice in that area of big farming operations.

Del VanOrthrum returned to Havenville to manage his father’s farm while he was away. He got off on the wrong foot with Anna immediately by spraying his crops with an herbicide on a field bordering hers, ruining some of her crops.

Despite Anna’s stand-offish and waspish ways, Del is drawn to her. Anna is attracted to Del, although she fights it. She was burnt once in love, and vowed never again. In spite of their obstacles, they begin dating.

Knowing that Del will soon be returning to college, Anna keeps telling herself that it is only a "summer romance" and not to get serious. Besides, if Del knew what she had done, he would be disgusted with her too. They slowly fall in love anyway.

Ms. Turner’s story is an enthralling tale of deceit, betrayal, and hardships on one side, and fortitude, ambition and love on the other. Anna’s character appears to be cold and harsh at first, but in all actuality, she is scared and soft-hearted. Del is wonderfully masculine and gentle at the same time. Both characters would be good role models to mold oneself after.

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