Bound Hearts, Book 11: Guilty Pleasure
By Natalie
Jan 3, 2010 - 9:31:23 AM

Khalid has always been the ‘third’ in his friend’s marriages, and he likes it that way.  From an early age, he learned that to love someone is to lose them, and there is no way he is losing the woman who holds his heart.  He knows she is following him, but when she is given a vacation from her FBI duties, all bets are off. Khalid knows it is only a matter of time before she succumbs to every single GUILTY PLEASURE he has imagined showing her.  When his past threatens his present, Khalid knows that there is nothing he won’t do to keep Marty safe – she is the other half of his soul.


Martha ‘Marty’ Mathews has been shadowing Khalid for years as part of her job.  Her feelings for him have had to stay in the background, and she likes it that way.  However, once she is given a vacation from her duties as an agent, she knows that her time is coming – Khalid will stop at nothing to claim her.  When she is threatened and almost harmed, and she sees the man she has loved become the ruthless warrior he needs to be, she loves him all the more.  Marty knows the sexuality that Khalid needs, and she is just the woman to make sure her man indulges in every single GUILTY PLEASURE she has to offer.


Having loved Khalid since reading Lora Leigh’s SHAMELESS; I cheered him from the sidelines in every single book since.  Always the ‘third’ in a relationship, I yearned for him to have his own story.  GUILTY PLEASURE is the exact happily ever after that I hoped he would have and then some.  Lora Leigh has turned up the heat in GUILTY PLEASURE to combustible as every single touch, kiss, and breath is hotter than the fourth of July.  Marty and Khalid’s chemistry scorches the pages in each and every love scene.  Add in the suspense of the villain and my heart reached palpitation stage! 


Lora Leigh delivers and then some.  She has penned an erotic love story with passion, intrigue and sexual decadences I have only previously imagined.  I loved every single word.  GUILTY PLEASURE is meant to be savored and enjoyed - only I couldn’t stop frantically reading until I finished and smiled at the love shared by these two strong characters.  GUILTY PLEASURE is marvelous – I dare you to read it slowly!

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