Guilty Secrets
By Tracy Marsac
Mar 23, 2004 - 3:15:00 PM

Joe Reilly is a reporter for the Chicago Examiner.  Up until recently, Joe was covering stories on the front lines of Iraq.  A neglected injury sent him home, and even after a lengthy hospital stay, his physical and emotional wounds are still trying to heal.  Joe's current assignment is a humanitarian piece on the North Side Ark Street Free Clinic, and its head nurse, Nell Dolan, or as the patients refer to her, the "Angel of Ark Street."  Joe visits the clinic hoping to find an angle that will put him back on the front pages, and he just might get it.  Stolen narcotics, and prescription fraud will certainly get readers' attentions.  And the police's number one suspect?  None other than the "Angel" herself.

Nell never expected to have to endure such devastating situations twice in her life.  Her ex-husband's addiction cost them their marriage, and her career at the hospital.  Through no fault of her own, Nell almost lost her license, and now someone is setting her up to take the fall for their crimes, again jeopardizing her career.  While trying to discreetly uncover who's responsible, she has a handsome, if moody, reporter snooping around.  Positive media is what the clinic requires for much needed donations, not coverage of missing drugs and forged prescriptions bearing her name.


In GUILTY SECRETS, Virginia Kantra has created very personable characters who are fighting their demons, and through their love for each other find the strength to conquer their fears.  Beautifully done, Ms. Kantra.  You've penned a keeper!

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