Gypsy Heart

Author: Sasha White

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: April 25, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Reformed bad boy Gage Dougherty has given up his wild ways. It's time to settle down with one woman and live happily ever after. The only problem is that the sexy female bartender he meets at the pub during his brother's birthday gathering entices him to revert back to his old ways.

Bartender Sable Castle is really a 'good girl' at heart. She enjoys flirting with the men at the bar, but that's as far as it ever goes. None of them have ever made her heart patter double time and aroused a deep desire in her, until Gage entered the bar. Just looking at him makes Sable want to be very bad.

Gage may be a reformed bad boy, but there's no harm in looking at an enticing woman, right? He only entered the bar to help his little brother, Garret, celebrate his twenty-fifth birthday, but something about the bartender draws him to her. She seems to enjoy his advances and flirts right back, but he needs a settling down kind of girl and her appearance and teasing ways screams 'casual relationship.' For the most part, Sable isn't really a settling down kind of girl, she has wanderlust and has traveled the world, learning new things and playing photographer. She's not close with any of her family, and the only real friend that Sable has is the bar owner, Miranda. Having no real ties anywhere makes it easier for Sable to pick up and go on a moment's notice. She's only working the bar as a special favor for Miranda, who'd inherited it, but needs Sable's help with bartending until she can learn how to tend the bar herself. After all of the flirting, Sable assumed that Gage would stick around after closing. She's disappointed when she learns that he left while she was in back locking up the money and shutting down the computers. Sable hasn't wanted anything in a very long time as much as she wants Gage and the fact that she knows he wants her too but is denying the quickie fling she has in mind has her unabashedly pursuing him. Only once she catches him, he has no intention of letting her go. Will he be able to convince her to give up her nomadic lifestyle and trust him with her GYPSY HEART?

Sasha White throws out all the traditional roles in her latest book GYPSY HEART resulting in a story with heart that you won't be able to put down. I love the way Gage went about getting to know Sable instead of blatantly using her. Sable isn't used to being courted and it's a bit scary and confusing for her but Gage is patient and he's careful to ensure that she's comfortable with him. In addition to watching Gage and Sable's relationship flourish, we get hints of the possibility of a budding romance between Miranda and Jake, the bar's cook. They're also great characters and I'd love to see a follow up book with their story. While we're at it, how about one for Gage's little brother, Garret, as well?

While exploring Ms. White's website I discovered several upcoming books that I've added to my "watch for" list. This looks like an author who writes stories that are exactly what I like in my storylines. I can't wait to read more of them.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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