Gypsy Love
By Mariah
May 29, 2004 - 7:27:00 AM

Jackie Noble had been depressed in her job as Community Outreach Director at Columbia Basin College and has applied as Administrative Assistant at Liberty Development, Ltd.  The day of the interview, she has second thoughts but decides to go anyway.  Dreams of gypsies have been keeping her awake at night and they have begun to really bother her. When she met her new boss, she was surprised to see that he looked like the gypsy in her dreams.

Alex Miraca is the owner of Liberty Development and offers her the job with an apartment in one of his developments.  He is very happy with her and thinks they will work well together.  In fact, he is very attracted to her and immediately starts to act overly friendly toward her.


Not only does Kennewick try to fight against the new development, but someone is trying to sabotage the construction as well.  Can they find out who is trying to ruin the chances of this site?


GYPSY LOVE by Josey Holliday is a romantic mystery.  For those readers who are interested in business information they will find a lot of it in this story.  The love story between the two protagonists kept me reading.  Ms. Holliday is a good writer and keeps the reader turning the pages to the end.  The dreams of the gypsies were a nice touch to the story and kept me wondering until the mystery was solved.    

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