Men of Hawaii - Holding Out for a Hero
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2010 - 9:26:47 AM

Deana Armstrong is a woman on a mission.  She desperately needs a hero and she’s convinced Josh Windsor is the man for the job.  Never mind that Josh doesn’t want anything to do with her and isn’t interested in saving anyone – including Deana’s jailed nephew.  She comes from a wealthy and influential family. Deana isn’t turned down or rejected outright very often but Josh is not a member of the Armstrong family fan club and has no intention of giving into Deana’s pleas for help – especially since it seems like she thinks being rich can get her anything she wants … he’s not for sale!

Josh Windsor has no intention of being anyone’s hero.  He’s had enough of all the backstabbing, lies, and general deceit he’s endured while being involved with the DEA.  The last thing he’s interested in is being on Deana’s ‘payroll’ while trying to find proof that her nephew is innocent of the crimes that put him behind bars – especially since he believes Ryan is guilty.  Still, Deana’s persistence and this odd attraction he feels for her pushes him into accepting the inevitable and begins digging into the case against Ryan.


Josh’s life and career are in a bit of a tailspin so the last thing he needs at the moment is Deana’s insistence that he has to help her save Ryan.  She’s convinced that he’s innocent of the murders of his parents and Josh will be able to sort through the jumble of bad behavior and previous crimes to get to the truth about what happened.  She accepts that Josh doesn’t like her but this isn’t about her.  It’s about saving a minor from a lifetime behind bars.  Of course, there’s no denying that Josh is incredibly attractive and  there’s something decidedly enjoyable about pushing his buttons.  She’s determined to get her way and Josh will soon learn that there’s much more to Deanna than he ever imagined.  Is it possible that he couldn’t see her as a ‘woman’ because he couldn’t get past her incredible wealth and his own prejudices?  As the attraction between them becomes undeniable, Josh worries about how Deanna will react when he finally discovers the truth about what happened to her brother and sister-in-law.


HelenKay Dimon takes readers on an intensely fascinating and emotional journey with HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO.   Deanna and Josh have their own deep hurts and justified reasons for their opinions on things and at times their differences come in direct conflict with each other.  They share a need to see that justice prevails but for Deanna this case is decidedly personal.  I admit that like many people I was shocked and captivated by the Menendez brothers’ real life case.  Ryan’s case is very similar and raises just as many questions in the reader’s mind.  I found myself alternating between wanting to believe in his innocence yet not convinced either.  My heart broke for Deanna and the pain she’s going through but her strength of character only seems to grow as the story progresses.  As for Josh… this man is a hero through and through.  His love for family and friends and dedication to truth and justice never wavers but at times he needs a little nudge and his friends do an amazing job of keeping him focused on what’s truly important. 


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