The Marine Cowboy (Always a Marine, Book 7)
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 10, 2013 - 9:26:50 AM

Sergeant A.J. Turner might have left the Marines, and Iraq, to return to his home in Freewill, Wyoming fully intent on forgetting the entire military experience.  However, he completely forgot about the share of solidarity his unit had made to all sign up for the 1Nite Stand service.  Now that he’s back stateside his commander changed his status to active and Madame Eve has found a match for him.  All A.J. wanted was peace and quiet and to work with his horses… and there is this cute little librarian in town who’s definitely caught his attention, but it looks like rather than pursue her he’s going to have to go on a 1Nite stand with some unknown woman.

Sheri Vaughn has lived in Freewill for the past six months. She moved there following her divorce and quickly found a job and a whole different way of life outside of the corporate rat race.  Sheri’s a bit gun shy about stepping back into the dating arena thanks to her ex-husband’s numerous affairs. After downing an entire bottle of wine for courage she composed a list of requirements she’s looking for in a 1Nite Stand date and sent it off knowing beyond any shadow of a doubt that the only place such a fine specimen of manhood doesn’t exist outside of romance novels. 


Not once did Sheri think Madame Eve would actually be able to find a man with the qualifications she specified so she’s more than a little stunned when she receives an email asking her if she’s still interested.  Immediately, visions of A.J. invade her imagination since he’s the only local man who could possibly fit the bill – but since she’s attracted to him already that would just be wishful thinking … or is it? 


THE MARINE COWBOY is an adorable and inspiringly sexy romantic read.  This story had me smiling within just a few pages and hot and bothered by the midway point.  Admittedly I’m a big fan of stories involving cowboys and love Marine storylines as well… combine the two and it becomes a definite must read.  Fortunately Heather Long’s writing lived up to my expectations –and then some.  From the ‘everyone knows everyone else’s business’ small town to the blossoming romance between A.J. and Sheri and even their evening arranged by the 1Nite Stand dating service, these are characters who bring a smile to your face and leave you immensely satisfied that they’ll have their happily ever after – yet as a reader I still wanted more. 


THE MARINE COWBOY is the seventh title in Ms. Long’s ALWAYS A MARINE series with sixteen titles available so far – and promise of even more to come.  Stop by Ms. Long’s website for all the info on these wonderfully entertaining and highly memorable stories.



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