Hauberk Protection, Book 1 - Private Property

Author: Leah Braemel

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: January 27, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Jodi Tyler is not at all happy with her boss and boyfriend Mark.  She’s been hinting for weeks about how she wanted to spend her birthday evening – instead of celebrating she’s sitting in a scorching hot van watching the estate that she’s supposed to infiltrate.  On closer introspection she’s afraid that he’s planning on dumping her without having to say anything.  It wouldn’t be the first time she was rejected in such a callous way.

Mark Rodriquez has treated his relationship with Jodi as a casual situation.  They’d agreed that their relationship wouldn’t be long term but breaking things off with her definitely isn’t his intention.  Mark has an ulterior motive behind his instance that Jodi infiltrate the estate today but once his plans come to light he realizes that he might have made a huge mistake.  His feelings for Jodi are much stronger than he was willing to admit.


Jodi’s not at all worried about infiltrating the estate and cracking the safe.  She’s very talented at what she does – and it’s not like she’s actually a criminal.  The whole thing is a set up to test the estate’s security – or at least that’s what she’s been lead to believe.  Of course, Mark’s complicated the whole thing a bit by introducing an adult toy into the equation.  Everything goes according to plan and she breaks into the safe in less than two minutes – just like she bet Mark she could – and then she gets busted.


It seems Mark didn’t forget her birthday after all.  He arranged for his friend Sam to catch Jodi at a critical moment and she’s flabbergasted that such a thing could happen.  She makes the decision to level with her captor and give him the note that she was supposed to leave in the vault – only the note isn’t what she believes it to be. It’s the list of sexual fantasies that she’d written out for Mark and he’s enlisted Sam’s help to cross some of her fantasies off that list – and he’ll definitely need help with number six, “I’d like to have a ménage with Mark and another man that we can trust.” 


Just when Jodi gets into the spirit of her birthday gift, Mark realizes that sharing HIS woman isn’t something he really wants to do.  That’s when Sam steps up and changes the rules just a bit.  Will Mark and Sam come out of this interlude on friendly terms and what about Mark and Jodi’s romance? Will he still want her as his lover, or has that changed?


Leah Braemel’s PRIVATE PROPERTY delves into all of one woman’s naughty fantasies and promises to leave readers hot and sweaty.  Mark and Jodi make a fantastic couple yet because they haven’t shared their true feelings for each other there’s a sense of insecurity which results in some very tense moments and an incredible sexual encounter.  All of these characters will touch your heart in one way or another.  Sam really captured my interest because he is so caring and insightful, yet there’s something very lonely about him.  Ms. Braemel’s next book PERSONAL PROTECTION will be released in May 2009 and will contain Sam’s story and it looks like it’ll be another awesome read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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