By Jessica
Jun 18, 2005 - 7:02:00 AM

H is the story of Clawdia, a sixteen year old girl who was unfortunately in an accident and had some of her toes amputated.  To add to her emotional turmoil, her mother left her and her father shortly after. This puzzles the young girl who always thought she had the perfect family.   To add to Clawdia's pain is her realization that she was less than nice to Diego.  After much introspection the young girl realized that she loved him. 

Losing her best friend, Helena , who has returned to her native, Spain was not easy either.  H deals with Clawdia coming to terms with all these happening in her life.  Instead of bitterness, she grows and matures beyond her years.  She asks questions that all adults ask in this process of life-many of wich have no answers.

This book was a hard read, not because the story or writing was bad, but because it was in a journal format.   H is worth reading, but the reader must be willing to invest in it to discover the hidden gem that it truly is.

Nathalie Baez poured her heart out and fulfilled her commitment to her friend, Helena, the H of the book.  The story itself was good, and Miss Baez captured in her unique way the events that transpired over the period being covered.

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