Cattleman's Club, Book 2: Hailey's Game
By Natalie
Jul 1, 2010 - 9:36:06 AM

Hailey Mathews is tired of Kyle Harding and Cole Jackson.  She is no longer willing to be the recipient of their deluded plans.  Hailey will show both of them exactly what she thinks of the games they are playing with her, and by the time she is finished, these two dominant males won’t know what hit them.  Sounds good on paper, right? 

Cole Jackson and Kyle Harding both want Hailey, but in order to accomplish that feat, they have to break down her defenses one issue at a time.  They are the men she needs – convincing her of this will be the hard part.  But Cole and Kyle are strong.  They just don’t count on Hailey being just as strong.


HAILEY’S GAME by Jenny Penn combines three very distinct personalities.  Kyle is a charmer.  His sole focus is to bring Hailey pleasure.  Hailey is independent and very self sufficient.  She depends on no one but herself and has a hard time giving up control.  Cole wants Hailey, but he wants her on his own terms without Kyle’s influence.  “To each his own” comes to mind when thinking about HAILEY’S GAME.  All three characters have an agenda of their own.  But beneath their visible wants is the same hidden one – the desire to be loved.  HAILEY’S GAME will keep readers hopping from one scene to another.  Erotic sexual interludes are prevalent in HAILEY’S GAME and their intensity is over the top hot. 


For an erotic ménage hot enough to start a fire, don’t miss HAILEY’S GAME.  As a bonus, I encourage readers to go back and read Jenny Penn’s first CATTLEMAN’S CLUB installment for back stories and settings. 


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