Bayside Bachelors - Hailey's Hero

Author: Judy Duarte

Publisher: Silhouette Special Edition

Release Date: January 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Nick Granger has come to Minnesota in the middle of winter to find the daughter of his mentor, Harry Logan.  Harry saved Nick from a life of crime, just as he did with many other delinquent boys years ago.  They were dubbed 'Logan's Heroes' by the citizens of Bayside, and the name stuck through the years.  Now, Harry is about to have heart surgery, and he wants to see his daughter.  He hasn't spoken to her in many years, and now he hopes Nick can bring her back to Bayside.

Nick saved Hailey Conway's purse from a thief.  At the time, he didn't know this was the lady he was looking for.  But, when he shows up at her house later that evening, Nick's pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful woman again.  He realizes Hailey is waiting for a date when he sees the romantic table setting for two.  But, both are in for a big surprise when Hailey's date calls to cancel, and Nick gets snowed in with Hailey.  Unable to fight their mutual attraction, a wonderful night of passion ensues.  Come morning time, Nick explains his reasons for seeking Hailey out.  But, she refuses to go to Bayside to see her father.  After all, he did abandon her and her mother when she was six years old.  So, Nick has to leave without fulfilling his promise to Harry.


Within weeks, Hailey realizes she's pregnant.  She now has to decide how to tell Nick about the baby and figure out what they are going to do about the future.  Hailey knows Nick's a rebel at heart and probably not father material.  Will this hero and heroine find common ground to start a relationship on?  Will Hailey realize just what a true hero Nick really is and maybe start over with her father in process? 


HAILEY'S HERO is the start of a brand-new series, Bayside Bachelors, by Judy Duarte.  I'm definitely looking forward to adding this collection from Silhouette Special Edition to my keeper shelf.  Who can resist bad-boys turned heroes?  Well, that's what this first book is about, and this hero is definitely an eye-catcher.  I fell in love with Nick Granger the moment he took off after Hailey's purse-snatcher.  Author Judy Duarte writes a story that is filled with passion, love and a beautiful setting.  The fictional town of Bayside is going to be having lots of visitors, and readers are going to be enjoying every moment of their time in Nick's world.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: BJ Deese

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