Haley's Cabin
By Deborah Kimpton
Mar 5, 2007 - 7:46:00 AM

Haley Thorne has been through a bad marriage and a difficult divorce. When her doctor gives her the ultimatum to take a break or breakdown, Haley knows that a peaceful weekend away is the only answer. Beating a hasty retreat to her comfortable log cabin, Haley hopes to recharge her batteries and get a little R&R time to herself. After experiencing the most erotic dream of her life, Haley discovers things about herself that she has kept guarded for a long time. When gorgeous Jeremy Pickett shows up at her cabin soon after, Haley wonders whether it’s time to let the real Haley Thorne have some fun.

Jeremy Pickett has been urged by his brother, Brad, to pack some fresh country air and a good long rest into his weekend. Since his brother is also his doctor, Jeremy takes heed and heads out for Brad’s log cabin. After enduring the rental car from hell, Jeremy is more than a little excited to discover a beautiful and sexy female in the woods. She seems just the woman to help a good cop turn naughty. Moreover, when she tells him about a very sexy dream that she has had, Jeremy’s weekend takes a dramatic turn for the better.


HALEY’S CABIN is a deeply sensual story about self-discovery and sharing. As Haley opens her body to new and exciting possibilities with the man of her dreams, she must learn to share her heart and secrets with a lover who seems more than eager to help her forget her past. Anne Rainey has created a sexy and enchanting couple in Haley and Jeremy. Their naughty weekend is more than a treat for them; it’s a treat for the reader too. Ms. Rainey has a flair for painting pictures with words and boy, what a picture she paints with HALEY’S CABIN. Tuck yourself away for the weekend with this story, because log cabin breaks won’t ever be the same again; not when you’ve experienced them “Anne Rainey” style.

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