Half Hearts
By Suzie Housley
Feb 19, 2011 - 5:42:58 PM

At eighteen, Charlie McCarty’s found herself alone in the world when her Grandmother died.  She allowed her heart to be broken by a man she trusted to love her for herself.  Now alone in the world, she had to make some hard decisions on how she was to move forward with her life.   

Charlie rose out of the pits of despair and made a new life for herself.  She enrolled in college to obtain her Veterinarian degree.  She begins her residency in the town of Redfield.  With Charlie’s dark past, she finds it hard to trust in anyone.

At a local bar, Charlie’s friend invites her to spend a night celebrating her success.  Jack’s Place is not her normal choice to relax, but Charlie figures for one night it couldn’t hurt. 

Charlie never anticipated receiving a drink from one of the sexiest men she had ever seen.  The handsome cowboy's intense stare was enough to set her body on fire.   When Trevor introduced himself, Charlie knew she was under his command.  She quickly fell for the hypnotic spell he created for her. 


Trevor makes an offer that Charlie finds she can’t refuse.  He makes the suggestion that she join him and his friend Kegan in a night where they will both worship her body.  With this encounter, Charlie’s expectations are far exceeded.  Together the two men set her body on fire; she finds that she has never experienced such pleasure.

With this one night of passion the trio knows this is just the start of something special.  Fate has a way of intervening by returning a person’s dark past to the present.  Will this encounter threaten the new found love the three have discovered?

HALF HEARTS is an exceptional book that offers a pleasurable reading experience.  From the first page you will fall in love with Charlie and all the hardships that she encountered.  Trevor and Kegan are the substance that you find yourself daydreaming about; they are true examples of the American cowboy.  All of these elements combined makes HALF HEARTS one award winning novel.

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