Tricks or Treats: Hallow's Eve Hunk
By Robin Snodgrass
Oct 8, 2007 - 4:30:55 PM

Andrew Henderson cannot believe his luck when a gorgeous, sultry stranger walks into the bar on Halloween night.   She is the most beautiful women he's ever seen.   Andy can hardly keep his hands to himself when she slides onto a barstool next to him.   He knows just how to get her into his bed when she says that his eyes make her think of vampires.   A little sexy role-playing is just what the occasion calls for.

Vicky Wallis is amazed when the gorgeous hunk at the bar figures out her fantasy and offers her the opportunity to fulfill it.   Who could say no to a man who is so sinfully sexy?   Certainly not Vicky.   She decides for once to throw caution to the wind and leaves with the sexy stranger who promises a night of unbridled passion.   Will their lives be the same after such an amazing night?   Can the attraction they feel withstand the harsh light of a new day or will it crumble to dust like a fabled vampire?


I adored HALLOW'S EVE HUNK.   M. A. Ellis has provided a true Halloween treat for readers with this blistering hot romance.   The sexy Henderson brothers never disappoint.   Vicky and Andy are absolutely perfect for one another.   Their inventive love scenes took my breath away. The dialogue was fun and entertaining.   If you're looking for something to warm you up on a cool autumn evening, this is just what you need!  

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