Handcuffs and Lies – A Handcuffs and Lace Tale
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 2, 2011 - 12:52:21 PM

For Dr. Tori Spinelli the war on drugs is very personal.  She’s seen far too many young people die as a result of overdose and her brother Alex died attempting to apprehend a notorious drug dealer.  The closest thing she has left to family is Alex’s best friend and partner Michael so when yet another teenager loses his life to drug overdose she takes the evidence and seeks out Michael – unfortunately she walks right into an undercover sting and ends up far more involved in the war on drugs than she’d ever intended.


Undercover cop Michael Tanner lives with his fair share of regrets.  The death of his best friend and partner Alex is definitely one of his most difficult moments.  As Alex died in his arms, Michael promised him that he’d take care of his sister Tori.  Somehow Michael’s certain that taking care of her didn’t mean having sex with her… and it certainly didn’t include manhandling her into his care.  The trouble now is because of him she’s in danger and nothing will keep him from seeing to her safety.


Tori’s a strong woman who’s survived everything life’s thrown at her including the untimely deaths of her parents and then her brother.  She’s thrown herself into her work but even there she can’t escape the devastating loss and disappointment as she watches young people lose their lives senselessly.  While she is supposed to turn over evidence directly to the police, Tori feels like her efforts are amounting to naught and therefore decides to take the little bag of pills to Michael.  Only she walks directly into a drug deal bust and suddenly takes center stage as Michael’s girlfriend and ultimately the subject of interest to the very people he’s trying to bust.  The only way to maintain his cover is to make their sexual relationship appear to be authentic – which leaves Michael with an evil grin and Tori’s face a stunning shade of red.


Get ready to blush right along with Tori because when Michael sets out to maintain his cover he leaves nothing to chance.  Bronwyn Green’s HANDCUFFS AND LIES gives readers an inside look at the life of an undercover cop and the dangers associated with the occupation.  As a reader I was completely able to empathize with Tori’s anger over the senseless drug related deaths but had to chuckle at Michael’s reaction to her arrival in the middle of a ‘deal.’  He’s an intense man and that trait carries over into all facets of his life.  HANDCUFFS AND LIES is a story guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what will happen next between Michael and Tori and what effect Tori’s blunder has on his undercover assignment.  This book is sexy, emotionally driven and suspenseful – all elements which entice a reader to leave the worries of the real world behind for a while and live vicariously through Tori and Michael’s tempestuous relationship.


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