Handling Amanda; Wicked Words 9
By Cat Cody
Mar 1, 2004 - 4:33:00 PM

Amanda is used to getting her own way.  When she says jump, everyone asks how high?  Everyone that is except for Jacob.  Jacob is her partner for a very important  marketing campaign, and a thorn in her side.  His laid back attitude hides secrets, she's sure of it.  When she realizes his secret is that he is a Dom and wants to make her his submissive, she isn't sure whether to be offended or aroused.  As he shows her what pleasures her body can hold with him in charge, the decision is taken out of her hands.

Jacob sates Amanda's desires in ways she never thought possible, making her submit to him until her body craves his touch.  A part of her can't believe she is enjoying his handling of her, but the rest of her couldn't care less, as long as he keeps doing it.  Where will this end, is the furthest question from her mind as she gets deeper and deeper in his web.


Sasha White writes an amazingly gripping tale that will send you searching for your significant other, and some clothespins.  Her descriptions bring you into the story and never let you go, until the end when you are begging for more.  HANDLING AMANDA is a delightfully quick read, which this reviewer thinks will have you on the edge of your seat, or bed. 

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