Handy Men

Author: Delilah Devlin

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: April 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Pamela Dwyer might have taken her husband’s leaving and subsequent divorce hard but nothing prepared her for the pain of learning he’s fathered a newborn.  Rather than sink into self-pity, Pamela’s opts to try something a little out of her element – seduce the neighbor’s handyman.  All she has to do is make sure she requires his services and a hand full of screws down the garbage disposal should do the trick quite nicely.


From the moment Pamela opens the door Jeff McCaffrey knows she’s after more than a little repair work.  If nothing else clued him in then the palms on his butt cheeks definitely did the trick.  He’s not about to assume anything though and lets her play out her seduction attempt.  The garbage disposal is definitely ruined and her seduction technique might be a little rusty and unsure but Jeff senses that there’s something special about her – and feels that his partner, Casey, will agree.


Pamela isn’t normally a bold woman or sexually adventurous.  Her husband has been the only man she’s ever been with so maybe it’s time she proves that she is isn’t boring or plain and fully capable of doing something wild and unexpected.  Seducing Jeff is the perfect way to break free of her self-imposed pity fest.  It actually turns out to be much easier than she’d anticipated but she never expected Jeff to turn the tables on her and invite his partner Casey to play with them.  And while Pamela is thinking this is a short term fling, Jeff and Casey have other ideas – ones that might just help her break free of her ex-husband’s hold.


If I didn’t already enjoy Delilah Devlin’s writing then HANDY MEN would have cemented her position as a ‘gotta read’ author.  It’s not even the smoking hot ménage or the flirty seduction attempt that won me over, it’s the simple fact that Pamela is brave enough to embrace her desires when many women would have immersed themselves in Häagen-Dazs and tissues – and Jeff and Casey are so sensitive to her needs.  I absolutely love that because of their influence she’s able to break ties with her ex-husband and move on with life.  HANDY MEN is a fun fast-paced short read packed full of humor, sensuality and plenty of raw human emotion.  Delilah Devlin provides a satisfying plot that’s easy to read in one sitting… it’s a perfect summertime read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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