Author: Jodi Lynn Copeland

Publisher: Kensington

Release Date: February 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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HANDYMAN, the smoking hot new book from Jodi Lynn Copeland, is three interconnected stories with very special men who know how to use many tools and tricks of the trade.

In the first segment, COMING IN FIRST, Thad Davies has formed a construction company called Loose Screws with two former plant co-workers. Their business is slowly growing, but in the meantime Thad works part-time as a gigolo. An advertisement puts him in touch with Lissa Malone who needs some home repairs. They are instantly attracted before Lissa knows about Thad's gigolo jobs. Thad is an alpha male, but has had to overcome past hurts and now tries to help foster children.
Part two is NOT A SECOND TOO LATE, which is Nash's story. Thad has become a one-woman man, thanks to Lissa. Nash, is one of Thad's partners and he loves to hang out at McCleary's Pub and relax with a few beers and a burger. One night he meets Genevieve who has ditched her bachelorette party. Nash and Genevieve leave the pub and have a very hot and private bachelorette party without any touching. Genevieve's fiance',Tom, is a nice guy, but he doesn't ignite the same flame as Nash. After a heated discussion, Tom agrees to give Genevieve two weeks to sort out her feelings and decide if they should still get married in a month, as planned. Genevieve gets back in touch with Nash and makes him a business proposition. She will pay him two thousand dollars to pretend he is her boyfriend for two weeks. She wants to experience a relationship with someone less than perfect. She can even be someone else herself since she has told Nash her name is "Jenn".
The final in the trio of stories is THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM. Holly is a mental health therapist who has taken a break from her career after her first two clients committed suicide. On the advice of her cousin,Tia, Holly is going to try a different type of healing with a man named Benny. Holly is a bit put of by his childish sounding name, but  her first glimpse of Benny confirms that he is all man. Benny helps  Holly communicate her needs better. Holly is able to feel better about her therapist skills after she gets Benny to open up about some deep-seated issues from his past.
The author has crafted a book that sizzles. She brings new fantasies  to life with vivid narrative. I know I will never look at suckers quite the same way again. Jodi Lynn Copeland has a true knack for  writing erotica, but with her talent, she could do well in any genre.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Roberta Austin

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