By Christina
Sep 1, 2008 - 12:26:41 PM

When Will Spencer’s boss dies suddenly of a massive heart attack right in front of him he realizes that is time to change his life style before he meets the same fate. He decides to take a break from his hectic and stressful job as an investment banker and from the frantic Manhattan club scene and moves to Scarsdale in an attempt to slow down and reevaluate his life.  However, the great old house he finds needs a lot of work. After the first man he hired stops coming to work Will hires Jack Crawford.

Will is instantly attracted to his new handyman but Jack is straight and he knows that nothing can come of his feelings. However, there is something about the quiet older man that draws Will to him.


Since his wife’s death Jack spends most of his time alone. That’s the way he likes it but he can’t deny that there are times when he is lonely. At first, he is surprised when his new client seems to want to spend time with him. The two men soon strike up a friendship. Jack is surprised when his feelings for Will begin to deepen into something more. He is forced to acknowledge his sexual attraction to him thereby admitting a truth about himself that he has denied most of his life.


I really appreciate the way that Claire Thompson takes her time building this story by developing the characters, and providing lots of background information and allowing the heroes to get to know one another. The reader really gets to know Will and Jack as they get to know one another. I became invested in these characters and their relationship felt very realistic. HANDYMAN is a well-written and engaging romance.

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