Tricks and Treats: Hankie Pankie
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 5, 2007 - 6:21:46 PM

Amie Tagger has a surprise for her boyfriend.   She found a party invitation on his computer and made the decision to make reservations for them to attend.   Since the party is exclusively BDSM and they’ve never ventured in that direction sexually she’s very nervous about his reaction.  

Eric Hammond is completely clueless about what Amie intends for their Halloween night.   He’w asked Amie several times where they’re going but all she gives him are instructions to their destination.   It isn’t until they arrive and receive a party favor jack-o’-lantern containing sexual aids that he begins to catch on that there’s something very different about this party.


Amie can’t understand why Eric acts like he has no idea where they’re going or what kind of party they’re attending.   She’s beyond embarrassed once it becomes obvious that he isn’t pretending.   By then they’re already at the party and his interest in the BDSM lifestyle is peaked.   More than that, Amie’s arousal at the sight of the other partygoers clothing or lack thereof has him questioning if maybe her mistakenly thinking that he’d been the one visiting the BDSM website could be a blessing in disguise.   As the night progresses, each discovers that they relish in their newfound roles of Dominant and submissive.


Liz Andrews’s HANKIE PANKIE is a quick read full of fun characters, hot sexy scenes and humor.   I couldn’t help but smile as I read about Amie’s embarrassment over her assumption that Eric was interested in the BDSM lifestyle.   I really liked the open and honest way Amie and Eric are willing to communicate with each other despite their discomfort over the situation.   If you enjoy a bit of slap and tickle between the characters in your storylines then be sure to pick up a copy of HANKIE PANKIE today.

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