Happiness Sold Separately
By Tammy Kelley
Jan 1, 2006 - 1:44:00 AM

In HAPPINESS SOLD SEPARATELY by Libby Street we are introduced to three best friends, Veronica, Ryan and Audrey.  Now Veronica was raised by a family that never worried about money and basically Veronica's life was smooth sailing.  Audrey she wasn't as lucky; but her life was alright she had herself a plan to follow so that she would know where she was heading in life.  Ryan, now she was one of these girls that thought all her friends were doing the same thing she was doing in life, and that was waiting for that perfect man that was going to show up one day and just start taking care of her.  When Ryan finds out that Veronica and Audrey have a plan and a goal in mind for their lives, she starts looking at her life in a different light.

Ryan, Veronica and Audrey have been friends since they met in college.  Ever since then they have pretty much been joined at the hip.  They always go to the same bar together, watch all the chick flicks they can find and they swear by Lifetime television.  The perfect man for these three ladies is Mark Darcy from the movie Bridgett Jones's Diaries.

Ryan is a data entry clerk; which there is nothing wrong with being a data entry clerk.  When Veronica gets a big job with her companies business that deals with Iceland and Audrey gets a promotion at work that actually gives her a title and an office of her own, Ryan feels like she is nothing in the work place.  When Will, Ryan's friend at work is offered a contract for the band he plays in, Ryan feels like she is being left behind while all of her friends are moving forward.

What Ryan decides she needs is a plan.  What really hits Ryan is when she runs into her ex boyfriend that she dated in college.  Charlie had wanted Ryan to move with him after they finished college; but Ryan was so insecure with herself that she felt like she would lose herself if she moved with Charlie.  What she didn't realize, was that decision was one of the worst decisions she would ever make.

Charlie is the bigwig that is going to sign Will and the band into a contract with th company Charlie works for.  After running into Charlie and everything going on with her best friends, Ryan realizes that she never has stopped loving Charlie.  One of the things on Ryan's list of plans is to try and get Charlie back.  There are quiet a few obstacles that Ryan will run into when she starts working on this list of hers.

In HAPPINESS SOLD SEPARATELY, Ryan realizes that to get the happiness that you want in life you have to take some chances.  HAPPINESS SOLD SEPARATELY takes us on a journey of three best friends that face life's challenges together and grow together as friends.  Not only do we see what young women go through in life in a big city; but we also get to see how relationships can change and grow into something that we never expected.

In HAPPINESS SOLD SEPARATELY, Libby Street gives a touching story about how in life you sometimes have to take some chances to get to where we want to be in life.  Sometimes the chances are scary and it is alright to be scared; but the important thing is, to make sure that you take that chance, if you don't there is no telling what great things we can miss out on in life.

I would recommend HAPPINESS SOLD SEPARATELY to young women who are feeling that maybe playing it safe in your choices of love and life might not be the best way to go.  Go find out what is out in this world and enjoy every single minute of the happiness that comes your way.

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