Hard As Nails
By Laurie
Jun 1, 2008 - 5:57:19 PM


Aubrey Matheson is desperately determined to remain in her aunt’s historic home for just a bit longer.  Yes, the beautiful old house has been sold and her elderly aunt comfortably settled into a retirement home, but Aubrey has her own secret reason for staying. When Cole Carruthers shows up, he’s confident that he’ll have Ms. Matheson out on her cute little butt in no time at all.  He wasn’t counting on her coming at him with a sledgehammer that weighs almost as much as she does. When Aubrey argues that Cole’s company took advantage of her poor old aunt and refuses to leave until they make it right, Cole wonders what she’s up to.  His determination and stubbornness equal hers and he vows to remain in the house with her until she tells him the truth or leaves.  What he didn’t count on was an undeniable attraction to Aubrey that packs a punch that’s more powerful than her sledgehammer.


After a seven day fling that ended with the disappearance of Rebecca Carter, Adam Thomas has unsuccessfully done everything possible to get in touch with her for the past eight months.  When he finds Becky waiting in his firm’s conference room to discuss negotiations for her friend’s purchase of the historic home he’s part owner of, he’s excited at the opportunity to reconnect with her.  Becky’s experience with men hasn’t always been pleasant though and despite Adam’s dogged resolve to get her back in his life, it won’t be easy to get her to drop her guard.  When Becky finally does open up to let  Adam in, she tells herself it’s just to prove that he’s a minor distraction, certain that once they’ve been intimate she’ll be able to move on.  If only it was that simple.  Both of these hard bargaining attorneys are in for the experience of a lifetime - when they finally stop opposing each other!



Erin McHugh, having faced the consequence of her controversial parents for her entire life, simply wishes to live quietly and without incident.  When Ray Hammond, the job foreman overseeing the restoration of the historical building she recently purchased, shows interest in her she blows him off, mostly because he’s younger than her.  Ray refuses to be dissuaded by a measly seven years and he sets out to win Erin over.  But Erin soon discovers that Ray has a secret of his own and fear of negative public attention have her backing away.  When she realizes that she’s in danger of losing the most special,  solid thing in her life, she knows that nothing short of a grand gesture will do in trying to get him back – but will she be too late?


This anthology will satisfy the romantic notions and needs of even the most seasoned romance reader.  The stories are not rushed or incomplete and mesh together nicely, almost giving the feeling of being one full-length story.  Ms. Dimon always provides readers with characters who seem like warm-blooded acquaintances rather than simply characters written in ink on paper.  HARD AS NAILS has my highest recommendation for all contemporary romance fans.

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