Hard To Handle: Lock & Key
By Phyllis Ingram
Jan 1, 2005 - 8:35:00 AM

Michaela 'Mikki' Correlli is now a hardworking successful attorney who is looking for fun when she attends a charity event 'lock and key party, along with her friends,
Lauren Massey and Aurora 'Rory' Constable.  The Grande Prize is a weekend at a wonderful resort that includes a hot tub, private pool, tennis, golf, and horseback riding, wow!!  The last person Mikki expected to see there was her ex-husband.

Nolan Baylor, how do you describe him-- yum.  Nolan has been gone for four years and does not know what Mikki has gone through since then.  He just sees her and remembers the wonderful sexual relationship they had.  He wants her to be his wife again. Or rather, he tells her that she is still his wife. Their divorce never was finalized. His friend Tucker Schulz thinks Nolan has a death wish.


Passion between Mikki and Nolan was never a problem but it could not keep them together.  They had been young and foolish, Nolan left, but was back to let Mikki know he wanted her back.  Mikki had a hard life growing up and was in trouble quite often. Mikki started to drink when Nolan left, but is now sober and wants to stay that way.


Nolan and Mikki have a few passionate sessions although things are tense between them.  Does love prevail?  Do they finally get a divorce?  Do they get back together?  Does he find out about her drinking problem?


HARD TO HANDLE by Jamie Denton made me feel emotions that I thought I had forgotten.  Memories of past years came rushing to the surface where good and bad thoughts prevailed.  This was so real, so thought provoking that I had to put it down for a while and just let myself have a good cry. I will be very happy to read the other two books in this trilogy to see how it all comes together with the 'sisters of the heart'.  This idea of three books by three different authors is wonderful, not only for sales, but for our reading enjoyment.


Oh, my goodness. Jamie Denton has penned another masterpiece. This was written as fiction, but there are so many true to life facts in this book.  I look forward to reading anything that Jamie writes. 

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