Hard and Fast

Author: Erin McCarthy

Publisher: Berkley Trade

Release Date: May 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Imogen Wilson is just minutes away from having her degree in Sociology.  All she has left to do is research and turn in her thesis. Attending a stock car race with her two best friends, Imogen shudders having to sit next to Ty McCordle’s latest blonde bimbo and listen to the woman talk.  That is until the woman pulls a book out of her bag and Imogen realizes that in that one book, an instruction manual on how to catch and marry a racecar driver, is a gold mine of information for her paper.  Now all Imogen has to do is complete the step by step guide, and voila! Her thesis will be complete.  She does not count on having to deal with Ty McCordle or the way he makes her feel and most definitely not the way he loves her.

Ty McCordle knows that his life is on the fast track to nothing.  He is tired of dating women who have air between their ears instead of brains.  He wants a family and that one special woman to come home to at night.  Having met ‘Emma Jean’ at a friend’s house, Ty is secretly attracted to her. She is everything he has never dated and exactly what he wants.  Convincing her to give him a chance, Ty does his best to make a good impression.  When a misunderstanding threatens to divide them forever, Ty takes a chance on his ‘Emma Jean’, a chance that just might lead to the loving forever that he craves.


HARD AND FAST hit me like a ton of bricks and didn’t let up until I finished the last word.  Having read FLAT OUT SEXY, I knew of Ty and his fixation with women.  I also knew that most of his fascination stemmed from being bored.  Imogen’s character was such that she challenged the man behind the persona and I sat entranced reading their conversations.  If their conversations were interesting, their love scenes were more so. Passionate and playful, they were hot enough to scorch my fingers.  Each touch and caress made me blush and I loved every single hot flash!


HARD AND FAST is a great second installment from Erin McCarthy! I was captivated and completely enamored of both characters and the love they shared. Add in the facts and scenes dealing with car racing, and I was set.  HARD AND FAST releases in May 2009 and should not be missed!



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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