Hard to Resist

Author: Samantha Hunter

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: July 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Lacey Graham is hard at work on the “Sexiest American Heroes” calendar. She just has a feeling this calendar will finally put her photography work on the map. But unfortunately, the shoot just does not seem to be going as planned. Little mishaps keep occurring and throwing her off. And of course, there is her attraction to Jarod Wyatt, Mr. November. Lacey has no desire for a relationship. In fact, she is avoiding men and dating for awhile after a relationship gone extremely wrong left her with a broken arm and emotional scars that still run deep. But there is just something about Jarod…

Jarod Wyatt is a Texas Ranger and he is damn good at his job. He likes bringing justice to those most in need and helping put the criminals behind bars. He does not, however, like being a model. But he definitely likes the photographer. Though Lacey is obviously skittish around him, he cannot help but want to be her friend, be her something more. The attraction is simmering between them when the man from Lacey’s past brings trouble to her once again. Only this time, she has Jarod there to help and he is not going to let her down.

HARD TO RESIST tackles some tough subjects but it still includes a powerful and tempting romance. Jarod is a protector. He definitely wants to protect Lacey, even as she wants to handle her troubles alone. These two have to come to a compromise because neither extreme is working for their growing relationship. I liked how Lacey decided to give Jarod a chance. She knew painting all men with the same brush was not fair or honest and she genuinely liked Jarod. He is sexy for sure, but he also has a good sense of humor and an ability to make her enjoy the small things about life.

Lacey is a woman who wants to move forward with her life but she just does not know how. Jarod’s entrance into her life becomes the catalyst for making the changes she had longed to do after her attack, but was scared to do. There is still fear in her heart but she also has found a new courage and that is admirable and exhilarating.

There were several misleading clues about just who was terrorizing Lacey so I will leave you to discover the truth. But along the way you will surely enjoy this romance. HARD TO RESIST has steam and heart a plenty, a great romance combination.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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