Harvest of the Heart: Honey Creek Books
By Billie Jo
Jan 9, 2013 - 3:40:51 PM

Savannah is a beautiful young lady who has been living with survivor’s guilt.  Although she survived an auto accident that killed her one true love, she is not living, but only going through the motions.  When Isaac moves in next door to Savannah, she finds him to be rude and the sexiest man she has ever met.  Savannah is not prepared for the sparks that sizzle between them and tries not to allow her heart to feel again.  Will Savannah open her heart and soul to a man who could destroy her with the truth he is hiding from her?  Or will she finally let love blossom in her dark world and allow the love of a man to heal her wounds?

Isaac is a doctor who was forced out of a small town by an angry father.  He moved to California in search of a new career in his profession but left when tragedy struck again.  He moved back to his small town and vowed to never be a doctor again.  Isaac is angry, hurt and vows to make amends to the tragedy of the past. When Isaac meets his new neighbor he is shocked to see her and the underlying electricity that is sizzling between them.  Will Isaac make amends to the woman he has fallen head over heels for?  Or will their tragic past destroy any chance of a love that could heal him? 

HARVEST OF THE HEART is a charming novella of where two paths from the past collide and two hearts learn to heal.  Ms. Lindsey pens a beautiful romance laced with passion and a sweet love.  The characters are charismatic and so easy to relate to. 

Savannah is a beautiful character that captured my heart.  Although she pretends to live life, she truly has given up on human emotions.  I loved her character growth throughout the story.

Isaac is a man determined not to be a doctor anymore.  He is broody, sexy and everything that Savannah needs to live again.  And Savannah is everything that he needs to be whole again.

If you are looking for a short story to warm your heart then I would recommend HARVEST OF THE HEART by Julie Anne Lindsey.





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