Have Glass Slippers, Will Travel
By Sarah W
Aug 1, 2005 - 3:40:00 PM

Katy Orville has had it with life in Seattle, Washington. Out of a job and lonely, Katy needs some new goals. With the help of Oprah and a Life Map, Katy sets out to go to England where she can meet Prince Charming and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, fate has other plans in store for Katy, and those plans include almost getting run over by a hunky Englishman driving like a maniac.

When Katy crashes a wedding, that very same Englishman shows up and offers to escort her around. Katy has to think on her feet as to how she's related to the wedding party, but thankfully the lies just seem to flow off her tongue. At the wedding, she also meets a member of England's aristocracy, Trevor Mangold, Viscount Stanley. Katy doesn't know what to expect, but at least she's finally met a possible Prince Charming. The only problem is, she isn't attracted to Trevor, she's attracted to Will, organic farmer and all around nice guy. But, Katy decides to put him out of her mind and concentrate on Trevor, even if he does prove to be turning out to be somewhat of a toad.

Will isn't going to sit back and let Katy slip from his hands however. He makes sure that he attends all the right parties and clubs, just like Katy, in the hopes of getting close to her. He doesn't want Katy to want him for his Dukedom, as he's sure she knows that he's the Duke of Marreton, but he gets the feeling that Katy just may want him for himself. If only she wasn't set on becoming part of the aristocracy, of changing herself to fit some image that really isn't Katy Orville. To read about all the fun and crazy antics that Will and Katy experience together, you'll have to pick up HAVE GLASS SLIPPERS, WILL TRAVEL and discover whether Katy and Will get their own happy ending.

Full of mirth and laughter, HAVE GLASS SLIPPERS, WILL TRAVEL is an updated version of the Cinderella fairy tale, only Katy's story is much more entertaining to read about. Her every insecurity, her every worry and her every hope and dream comes through the pages of this story through Ms. Cach's clever storytelling and characters. Katy worries about the things ordinary women worry about, hence her woes are things that are easily relatable to the audience. However, Katy's spunky attitude and Will's clever maneuvering turn her dreams into a reality much more fulfilling than any Life Map could ever be. This tale travels all over England, into some of its most famous spots and features some prominent English citizens, all adding to the ambience of fairy tales and dreams that comes across on each and every page. This is one book you won't want to put down until the very end.

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