Hay Fever

Author: Vanessa Hart

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Release Date: April 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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A masquerade party.  Total anonymity.  A house full of men from whom she'll chose the perfect one to relieve her of a burden she's had for 21 years.  A burden she hopes will be gone by the time the clock strikes
midnight .

Jill Breckinridge is the older sister of Meredith, the beautiful one, on whom everyone dotes.  That doesn't bother Jill.  What does bother her is that she is about to turn 22 and still a virgin.  Her greatest wish is to lose that virginity before her birthday and before she is retired to the shelf of the un-wanted. 


With the help of her sister, Jill arrives at the post Derby masquerade party dressed in a skimpy genie costume and wearing a white domino on her face.  Self-conscious doesn't even begin to describe how vulnerable she feels.  She's usually dressed very dowdily, her hair pulled back at the nape and no make-up.  She scans the rooms for the perfect man.  That perfect man who will relieve her of her virginity before the midnight hour.


Haywood King is the grandson of the lady hosting the masquerade.  He's attending the party more out of duty than wanting to be there.  The genie catches his eye.  She's made it clear that she wants a night of no-strings attached sex.  She's also a little tipsy and he keeps watch.  He doesn't want her to end up with just anyone and he doesn't want any repercussions coming back to upset his grandmother.  Hay decides to take her up on her offer.  They slip up the back stairs and into what was his old room.  He says his name is Hay and explains that it's short for "hey you".


Jill has studied hard to be the perfect lover and the things that she can do with her mouth drive Hay to distraction.  He's not pleased when he discovers that the hands, body and mouth of this goddess belong to a virgin.  Nor is he pleased when, like the bottled genie, Jill disappears without Hay knowing her name or seeing her face.


Hay comes into the library where Jill works.  When she asks him if she can help, he tells her that he's looking for books about " plays on words, slogans, catchy mottos."  He is in the marketing business and currently in a dry slump.  Jill offers her help.  Her abilities with words and slogans impress him and he offers her a job.  When she looks at his business card, she realizes who he is and flees the room.


Like Prince Charming, Hay searches for his Cinderella.  He uses his grandmother's invitation list to help him narrow down the choices.  From there, HAY FEVER offers a few twists and turns, mistaken identities and people feeling as though they've been taken for fools.  There is humor, some very erotic sex and a few hurt feelings along the way. 


Once you start reading this novella, you won't want to put it down for any reason.  HAY FEVER keeps you turning the pages until you're finished and completely out of breath.  I highly recommend it.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Claudia McRay

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