Hayden's Hellion: O'Malley Wild: Book 3
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 1, 2005 - 1:17:00 AM

Austin Calhoun is just about as wild as she can get. She enjoys having fun, dressing sexy, curses a blue streak, and sells sexual products through sensual parties. Her baby is a '76 Chevy Caprice Classic, which she drives way too fast. Once again, her lead foot has gotten her into trouble.

Hayden O’Malley is the owner of the Big O Ranch, and the ideal cowboy right down to the scuffed up boots. He has definite ideas about how his woman should behave. He’s controlling and possessive. He likes his woman to be meek and biddable and he has no qualms about paddling her behind for misbehavior. Austin raises feelings in him he’s uncomfortable with and she’s definitely not the type he’s normally been interested in.

Hayden runs into Austin as she’s leaving the courthouse cursing furiously. She’s been told by the judge to get a real job and keep it for six months or she’d be spending thirty days in jail. After reprimanding Austin for her foul mouth and threatening to spank her if she continues with the obscenities, Hayden offers her a job as his bookkeeper. Austin has been in love with Hayden since he spanked her for sneaking cigarettes when she was nine years old. She couldn’t hide her feelings for him and threw herself in his company every chance she had. When she overheard a conversation where Hayden said she wasn’t his type, she attempted changing her appearance in hopes that he’d finally notice her. He notices, but his reaction is not what Austin was hoping for. Despondent, she has a party to host that evening and so decides to invite her friend, Honor. Honor also happens to be Hayden’s brother, Sean’s, fiance. She knows Sean wouldn’t approve of Honor’s attending one of the sexual products parties. Honor’s excitement at the idea of Sean’s punishment is shocking to Austin and she finds herself getting aroused at the idea of a spanking from Hayden. Upon opening the door to Hayden’s office when she went in for work, Austin discovers Bunny Barnett servicing Hayden . Hurt and angry, she gets in her car to leave the ranch and is confronted by Hayden. In his misguided attempts to thwart Austin from continuing in her attempts at catching his interest, he insults her and informs her that she is not what he wants in a woman. Hayden knows that once he has Austin, he’ll never let her go.

HAYDEN’S HELLION is the third book in Maggie Casper’s O’MALLEY WILD series. I fell in love with the O’Malley brothers from the very first book, ZANE’S WAY, continued the love affair through HONORING SEAN, and am now hopelessly infatuated with Hayden from HAYDEN’S HELLION. Hayden is all Alpha male, bold as brass and controlling. He’d have to be a domineering man to take on someone as wild as Austin. Austin is so wonderfully animated and self confident. Brilliantly bold, she hosts sexual products parties even though she herself is still a virgin. I love her devil may care attitude and larger than life personality. It was wonderful getting to revisit the characters from the earlier O’Malley books and read about the interactions between the three brothers. They’re all so very much alike, and yet, still very much each his own man. This book can be read alone, however, to get the full effect of these wonderful men, you really do need to read all three.

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