He Loves Lucy
By Angel
Jun 1, 2005 - 5:50:00 PM

Lucy Cunningham sees herself as physically challenged; of course, she figures she will never be a perfect size six.  However, when she lands an important account for a popular fitness club, she never thinks she will be the one put to the test.  Her own personal trainer, Theo, will see to it that she achieves her perfect weight, but will she wind up losing more than just pounds?

Theo Redmond is physically fit in every aspect, so when he meets Lucy and agrees to help her lose weight, he knows he is in for a challenge.  Lucy is unlike any woman he has known, and before he knows it, she's dropping weight like crazy and he is having a hard time keeping his feelings in check.  Can Theo keep their relationship strictly business or has he found the perfect woman?


HE LOVES LUCY is an extraordinary read with intriguing characters and a wonderful plot.  Lucy starts out overweight, but soon sheds those extra pounds and finds a new confidence in herself.  Theo is right there to help her along the way and their relationship turns to something more during the course of her program.  HE LOVES LUCY has it's comical moments that are sure to keep readers in stitches and will certainly make this book one to be reread.  Susan Donovan has done a fantastic job creating characters that are realistic and likable.

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