He’s No Prince Charming
By Pamela Denise
Oct 16, 2009 - 12:29:08 AM

Having risen to stardom in the music industry by the age of sixteen, only to drop down in the charts almost as quickly, washed out princess of pop, Dakota Dunn, heads for Pine Hollow Lake. Deciding to take the advice of her agent and revamp her style, Dakota plans to stay at her family’s fishing camp, now owned by her, while she licks her wounds and starts on her self refurbishment. Upon her first day of arrival, she embarrassingly makes the acquaintance of the ruggedly good-looking manager who saves her from a nasty spider.

Once on top of the world as a champion bull rider, living every minute of life for the fame and perks that came with it, Trace Coleman’s career has gone up in dust. After severe injuries from a ride, Trace had to give up what he loves and ends up working as a manager at a fish camp. Now, wanting no part of the limelight, Trace is content with his job, the tranquility of his surroundings, and the lack of women.  Once a ladies man, he was quickly dumped by the rodeo groupies after his accident. He has hardened his heart to prevent the hurt that comes with being deserted. So when he comes to the rescue of the curvy fishing camp owner and lust kicks in, Trace knows he has to steer clear.



As Dakota spends time at Pine Hollow, Trace is forced to evaluate his hermit-like ways and face the very real attraction that he feels for Dakota. Perturbed at first by Trace’s grumpy attitude, Dakota still can’t shake off the connection she feels towards him and vows to bring a smile to his face, as well some action between the sheets. Both have had the experience of basking in the glow of the spotlight, and crashing from glory. Dakota no longer knows who she is; Trace has been left battered and scarred, but together the two may be able to help put each other back together again and find themselves in each other.



HE’S NO PRINCE CHARMING is charming, witty, and sexy fun. LuAnn McLane delivers laugh-out-loud antics and a spicy little romance between two unlikely people that has you warming up to the storyline from the beginning. Her combination of conflict, comedy, and real life struggles of a budding relationship make for one delightful read. The modern day pop princess and her gallant-though-grumpy prince are well developed characters that I loved learning about. Just like any other book by Ms. McLane, this one is guaranteed to satisfy.

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