He’s So Shy

Author: Lena Matthews

Publisher: Loose ID

Release Date: May 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Gillian Foxe likes her coworker, Lennon Wright. He is a sweet man who just seems a tad shy to her. He is certainly not gay, like the office gossips are suggesting, Gillian is sure of that. So, Gillian decides to take him under her wing and help him overcome his social awkwardness.

Only problem is, Lennon is not shy. In fact, he has the hots for Gillian but she seems determined to ignore their attraction, even while she seems determined to “help him.” Lennon has a few secrets about why he keeps to himself around the office, but it is not out of shyness or the fact that he is gay, and he is about to prove both of those things to Gillian, using every sensual trick up his sleeve.


HE’S SO SHY is kind of a comedy of errors. Gillian is turning a blind eye to her attraction to Lennon, all while trying to fix him up. Gillian is full of sass and cheekiness and she gets along beautifully with the more laid-back Lennon. The attraction between them sparks and steams but Gillian is holding back. Lennon is definitely not shy, in any respect of the word. He is going to go the distance to prove that to Gillian. The sexual banter in this book is thrilling, the camaraderie between them is sweet, and the growing relationship proves to be breathtaking. HE’S SO SHY may start off as a bit of a comedy of errors, but it proves itself to be a truly enjoyable romance. Lennon is going to sweep Gillian off her feet!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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