Head Over Heels - Lucky Harbor series, Book 3

Author: Jill Shalvis

Publisher: Forever

Release Date: December 1, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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As the sheriff of Lucky Harbor, Sawyer Thompson does more than just protect the community. He watches over its citizenry, he changes flat tires, and he makes sure his dad’s house is not falling apart all around him. Sawyer may have had some very troubled teen years but he is trying to make up for it by keeping his wild side in check. There is one woman who brings out the wild needs in him though and he cannot seem to stay away from her.

Chloe Traeger is taking on more responsibility by helping run the B&B she owns with her sisters. It’s not easy for her; she’s always felt the need to not stay in the same place for long. Chloe is enjoying getting to know her two sisters again and does not want to take those relationships for granted. She is ready to try to make a life in Lucky Harbor, even if that does mean butting heads with Sawyer. Theirs is a complicated relationship. The attraction is there but with so many issues from their past butting into their present, it may not work out. Of course, with two meddling sisters and two men who want to see their friend settled, happiness may just be around the corner.

HEAD OVER HEELS is the third book in the LUCKY HARBOR series. Finally, all the tension that has been building between Chloe and Sawyer in the previous two books comes to a delicious conclusion. Sawyer is a do-gooder. He wants to help others and make up for his mistakes in the past. He goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is grounded and the person his friends call on when they need help. He is just the kind of man Chloe needs in her life. He enjoys her whimsy and he helps her remember why she stays in Lucky Harbor when the urge to run overcomes her. They make each other laugh and enjoy life on a new level. I really liked how Chloe got to see another side of Sawyer, the more emotional and connected side. There is no doubt he loves his community and they love him. Likewise, Sawyer starts to see Chloe in a new light as she takes on more responsibility within Lucky Harbor. These two are kindred spirits if they would just look beyond their differences. And yes, the chemistry is as top-notch as anyone would expect from Jill Shalvis!

HEAD OVER HEELS is romantic, sweet, and plenty of fun. Sawyer and Chloe are not a match made in heaven, but they are the right match for each other and that shows on every page of the story. Jill Shalvis, keep it up! You are a romance superstar.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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