Red Stilettos, Book 1 - Head Over Heels
By Claudette
Jul 1, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

The Legend of the Magic Shoes - In the late 1950s, Hollywood screen Goddess, Ava Darling, found lifelong love and met her rich, handsome husband Charles walking out of a shoemakers wearing a pair of custom made red stilettos from an Italian shoemaker, who promised to fulfill a customers’ heart’s desires through his shoes.  Present day: three friends take a chance on love and the legend bringing them their hearts desire.

Bella Jacienski wants to experience a mad passionate romance, badly enough to forsake her normally sane and careful behavior and bid on the wildly expensive shoes formally owned by a Hollywood legend.  The actress had, despite her fame, always been unlucky in love until she’d had them specially made.  Her friends, Lexi, Erica and Jolie help her with the funds to make the winning bid.  They decide to share the shoes, over the period of one year, and find out if the legend works for each of them in turn.

I love the verbal banter between the main characters Bella and Rhys, and their first meeting when Bella literally falls into Rhys’ arms.  The legend of the red stilettos is fitting because this romance is very much like an old fashioned big screen romance, but with lots of sex, saucy innuendos and blatant fondling.

I also loved the way they talk openly with each other, about their feelings, right from the beginning, so there are no misunderstandings between them.

Rhys is the perfect man, strong both emotionally and physically and ready to be loved for himself.

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