Headfirst Into Home
By pamelalynne
Mar 10, 2015 - 4:43:07 PM

Ty Robinson had to retire from baseball after an arm injury. He was lucky enough to have spent six years in the Major Leagues. The bright side is that Ty is free to pursue other things, like the job opportunity as coach for his hometown high school. Another one of those pursuits is the woman he left behind all those years ago... Rachel Carson, who, as luck would have it, is single again.

Rachel has been single for three years and is more lonely than ever. It does not help her hormones in the least when Ty returns home. Rachel wants him like crazy, but at her age and with a daughter in tow, she cannot do one-nighters anymore. She needs a man who is in it for the long haul and Ty seems pretty serious about taking it to the next level. Could this be what real love feels like?

I love, love, love books that are about sports or that have clever sports titles. HEADFIRST INTO HOME is a home-run for me. Ty and Rachel used to be friends in their younger days. Although both of them were involved with other people, Ty and Rachel had feelings for each other. One night of passion between them left Rachel confused. Being young and dumb to the ways of love, they both went their separate ways and missed out on what could have been. Even after years of being apart, their feelings for one another have not dulled. Should Rachel give Ty another chance? Could they have a real shot this time? Discover what happens in HEADFIRST INTO HOME.

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