Healing Doctor Ryan
By Teagan
Dec 28, 2009 - 12:26:37 PM

Brannigan Ryan is an oncologist. He treats patients every day and sometimes those patients fall for his good looks, but he knows he can keep himself from falling for them.  When he starts treating Ian, it is a whole different story.  There is something about Ian that calls to him.  Ian is determined to get Bran to notice him and with a determination that is unwavering, Ian worms his way into Bran’s heart.  When a shadow on a CT scan threatens to send Ian back to the hospital, it will take everything Bran has to overcome his fears and admit that love is worth fighting for.

HEALING DOCTOR RYAN is a must read love story. Ms. Lynne brings us an attention grabbing romance story. Healing on an emotional and physical level are wonderful focal points within this novel that keeps you turning each page. Love and hope add extra emotional elements to this story. The characters are imperfect in a way that I could relate to them as a reader


Carol Lynne is a very talented author. This story has a realness I could connect to on several levels. This story was a reminder of how one can get through anything as long as they have someone who truly cares beside them. This is my first read by Carol Lynne but it won’t be my last.

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