Healing Hearts
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 1, 2007 - 7:09:00 AM

Jason is a business executive who had a heart attack while working. Yasmine is a dietician and runs the education class for patients at the hospital to help them improve their diets and lifestyles. They're both attracted to each other, but he's too busy and she's scared to put her trust and love into a man.

Yasmine desperately wants to adopt a set of twins, but to do so she needs a husband. Jason desperately wants the promotion to vice president at his company, but to do so he needs to get a life. Obtaining a wife seems to be the perfect way to show his boss that he has a life outside of work. In order to achieve both their goals, marriage to each other seems like the perfect plan. Yasmine turns Jason's proposal down twice before visiting the orphanage and seeing how upset the twins were at not being adopted at the adoption fair that had happened over the weekend. She then visits him at his office and tells him that if the offer is still open then her answer is "yes". Having been in an abusive marriage previously, Jasmine insisted on the marriage being in 'name only'. She forgets to mention her ex-husband's threatening letters or phone calls.

I absolutely loved this book! Monique Lamont does a wonderful job bringing these characters to life. Yasmine and Jason feel so strongly for each other and yet are so afraid of rejection. I could relate to them, they felt more 'real' to me. There were so many emotions involving the kids and the whole adoption process and again, the fear of not being good enough. I found myself growing so angry with the ex-husband thatI almost cheered out loud when Jason saved Yasmine from Blake's attack. HEALING HEARTS is a wonderful heart-warming tale and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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